Out of the Bag
Published On: March 21, 2013

I made mention, when I talked about the pink mitts, that they were going to be part of a collaborative project.  I was all circumspect and discreet and gave no details away.  For you see, it wasn’t my project so it wasn’t my place to spill the beans.  But the beans, the beans have now been spilt (which spell check tells me is the wrong way to put spill in the past tense, but I maintain is just fine), so I can blab away. I’m thrilled to announce that these mitts will be one of many projects in a collaborative ebook to help Deb Robson continue her research on Shetlands.  It should be out late this spring, and I suspect it will be fabulous.

More details when the project is available, but until then I can verify that the mitts are quite suitable for use when clinging, limpet-like, to the windows of locked buildings wondering if you can find a way in without getting hurt or arrested.  I’m sure they work in other situations too, but since I know that’s how most of you will be using them, I wanted to make sure they work for that.

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