Published On: April 11, 2013

You guys are amazing.  The response to the new book has been tremendous, and I am deeply grateful.

Writing a book is always a leap of faith.  I spend at least a year of my life bringing it into being.  I spend ridiculous amounts of time pondering the yarn choices and the patterns and the charts and the pictures and all the supporting text.  Publishing it myself brings a whole host of other considerations.  Things like what paper should I use, where should I get it printed, what sort of cover does it need, how many copies should I get, and just how exactly am I going to get it in front of people who might like to take it home occupy an awful lot of my thoughts these days.

So when it comes time to finally say ‘ok, here it is,’ I’ve got rather a lot invested in the project (both in terms of time and, frankly, in terms of checks written to cover the costs associated with making the book come to exist).  The moment before I throw the switch and put the book up for preorders is sort of like the world’s worst case of ‘what if I throw a party and nobody comes.’  I turn a little green around the gills every time.

But you guys didn’t let me down.  I leapt, and you caught me.  All I can say is thank you.  And if you keep finding room for my books, I’ll keep making them.

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