That’s Better
Published On: April 23, 2013

Last night I found myself feeling restless.  I couldn’t settle.  I might even have been flailing around like an over-tired two year old.  Then it hit me.  I needed to knit.  Not a swatch (swatching for the next book is well underway, and I like doing it, but it was not what I needed).  A proper project.

That realization made, I walked over to the card catalog (it’s where the really really good yarn lives…the yarn I will totally absolutely be using just as soon as I have time), slammed through a few of the drawers, grabbed the prettiest thing there (a hard decision, as it’s rather like my own carefully curated yarn shop in there), and sat down.  I didn’t swatch, I didn’t measure, I didn’t do any calculations.  I wanted super simple, super quick socks.  Reassuring socks.  Socks that will quickly show progress and will remind me that if you take enough tiny steps, projects do eventually get done.

That, and I wanted something simple to show off that yarn.  Isn’t it the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen?  It’s String Theory’s Merino DK in the color Didgeridoo.  It does this neat almost iridescent thing in the right light.  At some point while I’m knitting these I will doubtless try to capture that in a picture and tell you all about it.  But for now, I just needed to get something on the needles (*cough* and something on the blog *cough*) to remind myself that I like yarn and needles and knitting, and that knitting does sometimes result in finished objects.

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