Published On: April 25, 2013

I’m unreasonably taken with this sock.  Let’s get a picture up to show you what I’m talking about.

The yarn is drop dead gorgeous.  It’s String Theory Merino DK in Didgeridoo and I love it to distraction.  It’s a smidge more purple in real life, but it was early in the morning when I snapped this and the light was all glowy and yellow and I do not love you enough to either retake the picture later in the day or muck about in photoshop to fix it.  This is one of those magic color changing yarns and it plays tricks.  We’re embracing it and calling it charming rather than fighting it.

The pattern itself is soothingly simple.  My fingers learned it after about 2 repeats and now it’s that marvelous auto-pilot knitting.  And yes, yes they are super thick and cozy.  I know that’s not what everyone looks for in their socks, but I love it, and these socks are for me, so I am shamelessly reveling in it (though you could easily do this same sort of patterning on skinny yarn if you cast on lots more stitches).

Now…if only we could somehow get my toes closer to my heels…because no matter how thick the yarn, that’s still rather a lot of stitches.

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