Because Math is Fun
Published On: May 6, 2013

If you’ve been around for  awhile, you may recall that a scandalously long time ago (back when Silk Road Socks was first up for order), I went on Lara Neel’s charming podcast, Math4Knitters.  Well now that there’s a new book, it seemed only fitting to swing back by and chat with her again.  You can listen to it over here.  Fair warning, we totally ramble!  Also, some day I will learn to talk more slowly…but that day has not yet come.

And also in the category of fair warning, the eversion of Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet, Volume II goes out tomorrow.  That means today is the very last day to get the eversion at a discount and get a free pattern with the purchase of the eversion.  So if you’ve been waiting, and you want the special preorder price, this might be the moment to make the jump.  I promise you won’t have long to wait, as I’ll be making the everison live tomorrow morning!

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