Step 1, Establish Camp
Published On: June 5, 2013

I’ve arrived in San Francisco and located our lodgings.  They are more or less at the top of the steepest hill ever.  That makes going other places (they’re all down hill) easy, and walking back from them a bit grueling.  I’ve also secured provisions in what was quite possibly the most harrowing grocery store/parking garage experience ever.  I am beginning to miss parking lots.  Large, free, easily-navigable parking lots.  But I’m the stoic and valiant type (ahem. No. This is a total lie. I am the whiny type who feels it is very very important everyone in earshot know about my blister, but I’ll manage).  I am even (very slightly) oriented–I found the nearest bookstore–and don’t feel (completely) lost at all times.

That means it’s time to go out wandering about and get properly lost again.  Today’s goals are Artfibers (because holy wow do they look cool) and Britex Fabrics (because I really want to make new duvet covers, and I have a suspicion that’s the place to start).  I’m doing them both today because they seem to be more or less in the same place, and I figure the yarn store (an environment in which I feel quite comfortable) will be good cushioning for the fabric store (where I feel consistently confused and more than a bit overwhelmed).  And yes, I will take the camera and report back with details!

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