Look, Knitting!
Published On: June 13, 2013

Lest you think I’ve only been strolling about taking in the sights and eating delicious food, let me assure you there has been knitting too.  Plenty of knitting.

It started when we took the sock to the ocean on Saturday.  He enjoyed the view, but was a little worried the breeze would blow him away and he’d be lost at sea.

This was not a totally unfounded concern.  It was more than a bit breezy, and he’d seen what had happened to socks at the shore in the past.  The sock was somewhat reassured as he was still tethered to his ball, but he did veto any attempt to sail him like a kite.

The knitting continued, and in a day or so, the sock was finished.  The time came to block him (which I always think of as sock yoga…I hope they enjoy it).  This is where I realized that bringing one sock blocker (in some vain attempt to save space in the suitcase), was a poor plan.  Two sock blockers really don’t take any more space than one, and having only one is much less convenient.

I persevered, and the socks are blocked.  The Boy and I may go on a bit of a stroll this evening and see if we can find somewhere suitable to grab pictures.  I think we’ll be able to find somewhere picturesque around here somewhere, don’t you?

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