Fever Dreams
Published On: July 8, 2013

So I seem to have lost a week.  Some time weekend before last, I thought to myself ‘hmm, I have a bit of a sniffle, perhaps I’ll lie down for a moment.’  Then yesterday I dragged my stinking carcass out of bed, blinked, grunted, and wondered what the hell happened to the intervening week.

That’s a slight exaggeration, but not much.  I more or less did the bare minimum necessary to be considered a functional adult for the last nine days.  Eat, shower, feed the cats, mind the blog.  That’s about it.  Alas, The Boy also got the same strain of death (though his went in a throat direction while mine did an exciting lung and ear combo pack).  This violated the household rule stating only one of us should be sick at once.  This rule exists for a reason.  When it’s violated, we have all sorts of scenes of stoicism and sniffles…it’s not a good combination.

But, we’re both (more or less) on the mend.  The fog has lifted and while I’m not quite well, I don’t feel the need to spend 14 hours a day passed out (no doubt snoring like a drunken sailor).

Somewhere around day 5 of the battle to the death with the evil germs (hint, they will always win in the end, you can only hope for a temporary cease fire), I became obsessed with the idea that I must knit.  Now, this wasn’t actually the best idea ever.  It may actually have been a terrible idea.  I was rather tremble-y around the edges and counting much past three was beyond me.  Somewhat to my surprise, something nifty started forming.  I’m giving full credit to the stitch markers.  I met the lovely Denise of Neese’s Pieces at TNNA and she pressed some into my hands and gave me no choice but to take them home (she’s nice like that).  They proved to be just the thing for what was bubbling away in my fevered brain.

Now I can’t show you much about it…I’m only going to show you part of a swatch, and I’ve even tweaked the color a bit to not give away anyone’s secrets.  But I did feel it absolutely necessary to document my first proper use of stitch markers.  I think you guys who use them all the time might have been holding out on me!

Oh, and don’t forget, you’ve got till Wednesday morning to enter for a copy of Rachel’s lovely book.  Don’t miss out, you want this one on your shelf!

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