Published On: July 10, 2013

I’m making duvet covers.  I plan to be making duvet covers for the next several days.  I fully expect this to eclipse more or less all the knitting for the next week or so.  You’ve been warned.

The goal is two, twin sized, linen duvet covers.  You may recall I got the fabric when we were in San Francisco.  I realized at the time that 19 yards of fabric was a lot.  Somehow I’d forgotten just how much it was until I dumped it out on the table (sewing happens on the dining room table around here).  It’s really quite an amazing amount.

Somehow, it all fit in the washer, and then in the dryer.  And yes, yes it is wrinkled as all hell.  I’ll be engaging in judicious ironing during the making process (just enough to make sure I’m putting it together right), but then I’ll be reveling in the inherently wrinkly nature of linen and pretending it’s an intentional feature once it’s all done and on the bed.  If you object, you’re welcome to come iron for me.  Douglas will keep you company.

Oh, and I’m shutting down comments for Rachel’s awesome book now.  Winner announced later this week!


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