Display Some Adaptability
Published On: July 11, 2013

I’m unusually well equipped when it comes to blocking tools for knitting.  I’ve got the traditional mats and pins.  I’ve got a wide array of hat forms.  I’ve got sock blockers.  I’ve got mannequin feet.  I’ve got mitt blockers.  I’ve even got hand forms.  Yet despite this unquestionably impressive array of props, I still find myself having to improvise from time to time.

I’m off to take pics of these mitts later this afternoon.  I made them to fit me (I’m greedy like that), but the lovely friend I’ve tricked bribed sweet talked into modeling them for the pics has smaller wrists than I do.  When blocked on proper hand forms (as shown in the link above), the mitts fit me perfectly.  But I wanted them a tiny bit narrower for her.  I don’t have hand forms that small, so I made something up.

That’s shampoo bottles (two stacks of two), taped together, with the mitt slid down around them.  This is not the first time I’ve put these shampoo bottles to work this way…they’re surprisingly useful.  Wish us luck (and some nice overcast skies) this afternoon!

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