Published On: September 18, 2013

Hey, look, a sock.  We haven’t seen one of those around here in a while.


I realized the other day I was feeling a little crazy around the edges – a little crazier than usual.  Now I like to think I’m some sort of complicated, mysterious being with a finely tuned set of needs and desires….not the sort of creature who could be entertained by using a series of 6,000 tiny loops to make a tube with a bend in the middle.  As it turns out though, I totally am that easily entertained.  Making that tube is unreasonably satisfying.  I got a sock on the needles, and within minutes I feel my sense of equanimity returning.  I’m not sure whether to be awed by the restorative power of knitting or deeply concerned that I might be a bit simple.

The yarn is Tanis Fiber Arts Yellow Label in olive, and it is amazing.  And yes, it is a dk weight yarn.  And yes, it does take 2 skeins to make a pair of socks.  But I truly, deeply, passionately feel that socks are better knit on thicker yarns.  They’re easier to knit, they’re more comfortable to wear, and they last longer (this is where you can imagine me waving a banner and possibly shouting into a bullhorn).  And since I’m the one knitting them…well I’ll be using yarns I love.  Now, if only we could get yarn makers to start giving us dk yarns in 150 gram hanks so I could get a pair out of one skein…

More pics as the sock comes together, this one isn’t really doing the sock justice, but I was too pleased to have something shareable on the needles to wait any longer.

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