Published On: September 20, 2013

No, no I am not calling you names.  You, dear readers, are all unusually clever (and might I mention astonishing attractive).  I just want to talk to you about dummies.


Dummies are blank books made up by the printer in the dimensions/page count/paper type you’re considering for a book.  So these here are the two sizes I’m considering for the current sneakypants project (and yes, those are all sneakypants samples, because the books looked way too plain by themselves…no, you may not see them up close yet).  I didn’t know these things even existed until I started doing books.  But now I do, and they fill me with unreasonable glee.

I tend to be pretty darn spatial…I can look at a picture on the wall and say ‘nope, you’re an inch too far left,’ or look at a piece of furniture and say ‘yes, you can get it up the stairs, but only if you take the legs off,’ and I’m right an irritating percentage of the time.  So you’d think I’d be able to take a ruler and a piece of paper and figure out what size I want a new book to be.  But somehow the combination of size and paper weight and cover material all come together in the dummy in a way that feels much more satisfying and lets me make a much firmer decision than if I just stare at a ruler.

And now that I’ve decided, I find I want to do something nifty with the dummy for the size I’ll be using while the book comes together.  Not quite sure just what that might be, but I’m intrigued by the idea.  And apparently I’m not the only one unreasonably fascinated by these things.  Kitten Overlord Douglas is also quite interested.



And contratulations to Mjm of whatzitknits for winning the Dreaming of Shetland giveaway.  I’ll be in touch shortly to get you all sorted out!  Thanks so much to everyone who entered and shared your stories of knitters being awesome.  They were truly lovely to read!


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