Cinderella’s More Practical Footwear
Published On: October 6, 2013

I’m not the glass slipper type.  In fact, I’m not really the shoe type (and certainly not dressy shoes).  I’m much more inclined towards soft, snuggly slippers.  Soft, snuggly slippers, worn at home, while sipping tea, and in the company of a sleeping kitten if at all possible.  That sounds much better than any fancy dress shoe, no matter how smashing the ball might be.

So I shouldn’t have been that surprised when I found myself knitting a slipper.  A warm, woolly slipper.

slipper aA warm, woolly slipper with a thick, reinforced sole and some lovely ribbing to follow the arch in your foot.

slipper bThis is knit with Bare Naked Wools Breakfast Blend DK for the upper, and that plus two strands of their Romney DK held alongside for the sole.  The result is the most knitterly thing you can imagine.  It is ridiculously comforting and warm and just about perfect.

Now, this is my first attempt at slipper knitting (and clearly these aren’t done, I’ll be putting toes on shortly, I just took them off the needles to try them on).  I can see lots of places to play with the shape and the pattern (and a few ways to fine tune the whole reinforcing yarn trick), so I have a feeling there will be more slippers in the future.  But so far, so far I’m in love.  No prince needed.

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