Smaht Fahm (in pictures)
Published On: October 8, 2013

A little while ago, I got a handy dandy email telling me about a local event I might be interested in.  An Alpaca Day.  An Alpaca Day at a local farm.  The Boy and I piled into the car, made a fortifying breakfast stop, and were on our way.

We arrived to find there were indeed alpacas.

aAlpacas who were happy to receive our offerings.

bBut alpacas were not the only critters to be found.

cThere were also guard kittens.

dFearsomely cute guard kittens (who very much liked their ears scratched).

eAnd chickens (who did not so much want their ears scratched).

fAnd bees (I didn’t even look for ears).

gBack inside, the fleece was sorted by contributor.

hBut the real show stealer was this guy.  He was perched on the balls of roving when we arrived.

iAnd by the time we left, he’d sunk right in, sound asleep.

jThe adorableness was more or less fatal. I stole all the kittens, made off with them in a high-speed car chase, and am now on the run with my kitten menagerie.  Or, possibly, I took a lot of pictures, made a lot of ridiculous noises, and am currently suffering from extreme kitten lust.  One or the other.

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