Slow Going
Published On: October 18, 2013

This is the current sock.  Well, actually, this is the current sock as photographed yesterday.  I dearly hope that it is now somewhat longer and more sock like in appearance.


Life has not been providing me the recommended amounts of knitting time over the last few weeks, and progress on the sock has been slower than one might like.  But, the next few days have a bit of road tripping, and with any luck, that means a bit of knitting time (though I seem to have an off switch in my butt, so sometimes road trips mean lots of naps).  I’ve cleverly packed the requisite pillows and blankets (car knitting is all about elbow management for me, and I have to have juuuuuust the right assortment of elbow props to make it comfortable), and hope to have the first sock done later today.

This sock and the yarn to make a pair of slippers are all the knitting I’m bringing on the trip, so I’m hoping to make good progress.  And the trip does start at Rhinebeck, so it’s not like I won’t be able to get more supplies if the urge falls upon me.  Let’s hope the next sock pic is taken somewhere more picturesque and demonstrates way more actual sock.

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