Let Them Eat Cake
Published On: October 21, 2013

This is the recipe from the towels shown in the post from last week.  I’m not typing it up all proper and presentable, because that would rather go against the spirit of the thing now wouldn’t it.  The handwriting (oh and that monkey) are half the fun.

towel 2a

towel 2bNow to be honest, I don’t ever use crisco (because I never actually have it on hand) and instead use all butter.  I also tend to use cake flour and not bother with sifting.  Oh, and I’ve been known to make it with buttermilk instead of regular milk and to up the coco powder by about half, and that is not at all a bad thing at all.  Do let me know if it finds its way onto your table, I think you’ll like it!

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