Piles and piles and piles
Published On: October 27, 2013

What was that?  Not enough yarn around here lately?  Well, I was just at Rhinebeck, and I do have every intention of bombarding you with just a wee bit of yarn from that little adventure.  But Rhinebeck is being followed by an honest-to-goodness vacation (the sort where I’m trying not to get on the computer every day and write blog posts), so said bombardment is going to have to wait till I’m back from that.

In the meantime though, rest assured there is yarn in my life.  This, is the pile of yarn for the current super-duper-secret project.

sneakypants yarnsMore specifically, that is most of the pile of yarn for that project.  There are a few others still waiting to find their way into that pile.  A nice purple, a creamy yellow, and even a totally respectable brown.  I think the mix at the end will be absolutely delightful.  Putting together yarns for a book always feels absolutely impossible, right up to the moment it’s done, at which point it feels like these were all meant to be together and no other choices were possible.  Every single time.

And don’t worry, Guard Barry is keeping close watch on the yarns to make sure super-secret project stays appropriately secret!  I swear that center basket is kept free of yarns (it holds notes and labels) so he can nest in there.  It’s his favorite spot in the whole house.

watch cat

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