The Knitting Police
Published On: October 30, 2013

Every now and then, I get a very nice email from a very kind knitter asking if I’d mind terribly if she or he made some little tweak to a pattern.  Perhaps knit a sock toe up instead of cuff down or used a different cast on or did the math to make a hat different size.  And while I find it very touching that folks take the time to ask, I want to take a moment and say something very important.  Stop it.  No, I don’t mean stop experimenting.  I mean stop asking.  It’s ok, you don’t need my permission!

I absolutely love it when someone finds something I’ve done inspiring enough to want to make their own version.  That’s great.  It’s fantastic.  I love it even more when you take pictures and talk about it and come show off your work in the ravelry group.

I love it so much that I’ve gathered together a little list of examples to show you the good things that happen when you play.  It starts with my Chrysanthemum frutescens socks.  Now I’m rather fond of these socks, so much so that I put them on the cover of KCC1.

2cfsock2But that doesn’t mean I don’t think they’re for playing with.  Look what happened when weeziegirl decided she liked the pattern, but wanted a cowl.

IMG_8118Or what happened when periwinkleblue had a friend who wasn’t quite up for hand knit socks, but liked the idea of some mitts.

imageOr, when uniquedizigns decided she needed a short sleeve top (look at those flutter sleeves)!  She even blogged about the process over here.


Or when Anna-Birgitta decided that those socks really meant to be a pullover.  (Confession, seeing this beautiful piece of work pop up is what started this whole post!)

Bild2981These are all stunning pieces of work.  I absolutely love each and every one of them.  I’m hugely flattered that something I did could, in some small way, help these accomplished knitters put more beautiful things in the world.

And not one of them needs to ask me if it’s ok, and neither do you.  There are no knitting police.  It’s your yarn, your needles, your fingers, your skills, your time.  If you want to use something I did as a jumping off point, go for it!  The only thing I’d ever dream of asking is you maybe put it somewhere where I can find out about it (and even then, only if you’re so inclined anyways).  Because wow does it make my day to see these beautiful pieces!

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