Rhinebeck, Commerce Style
Published On: November 4, 2013

Now part of the fun of Rhinebeck is the critters (see the previous post), and part of it is the snacks, and part of it is the completely shameless knitterly abandon with which everyone curates their wardrobes.  But I would not be being honest if I didn’t admit that part of the fun is the shopping opportunities.  I confess I indulged.  Though technically I brought home less yarn than last year.  What I lacked in yardage I made up for in volume.

Yarnwise, I was very restrained.  A mere two skeins of Green Mountain Spinnery’s Simply Fine followed me home.  That’s restraint of a nearly alarming degree if you ask me.

rb buy 3My second purchase was a bit more eclectic.  The Boy and I are both devotees of woolly slippers, and ours are both in need of some fluffing up on the bottoms, so we grabbed a few pairs of sheepskin slipper liners.  Alas, I do not have a picture of these, as they were jammed promptly into slippers and as such are now not so picturesque.  Use your imagination.

The third item…the third item will surprise no one aware of my long-standing and well-documented fondness for blankets.  I bought a blanket.  Well no, I bought two blankets.  Two gray, woolly blankets in a lovely wool and alpaca blend from Staghorn Valley Alpacas.

rb buy 1

rb buy 2And no, it wasn’t the cheapest Rhinebeck souvenir ever.  It may well be the warmest though (we put them to good use when we went on to Maine, and they are currently doing hard service in our family room as we work to avoid turning on the heat as long as possible The Boy just caved and turned it on…I swear it was him and not me). Besides, previous experience has taught me that housewares make for much longer-lasting goodies than yarn.

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