Rhinebeck, Critter Style
Published On: November 2, 2013

I’m home.  I’m home, and I have a nearly ridiculous list of things I want to tell you about the trip.  I fear you’ll grow rather sick of it by the time we’re done.  There was yarn, of course, and blankets.  There was unexpected fibery goodness in unlikely spots, completely unplanned knitting (knitting in support of a wildly unlikely project that will, itself, feature largely here over the next few months), planned knitting, surprise knitting (plus bonus kitten), treasure hunting, immolation, and quite a few other things as well.

As usual, I make no guarantee of chronological integrity.  I will flit shamelessly back and forth between trip stuff and current stuff over the next few weeks, consider yourself warned.  All I can say is I will not suffer from a lack of post material any time soon.  But to start with, how about a quick recap of the fuzzy critters of Rhinebeck.  Shameless cuteness ahead.

rb1Can we start with a vicuña?  I’d not seen one before. As far as I can tell they are a cross between a cartoon character and a cloud.



rb4Next up, llamas.  A bunch of llamas.  I’ve seen plenty of alpacas before, and I figured llamas and alpacas were more or less the same critters, but no.  These are much bigger, much shaggier, and (at least in the case of these guys) total snuggle bunnies.




rb5And of course, I would be remiss not to include some sheep.  I may possibly be including a goat here as well (there is some doubt in my mind about the gentleman at the bottom there…anyone more versed in ovine/caprine distinction than I feel free to weigh in).  In any case, there was much woolly goodness to be had.  And a bit of that woolly goodness made its way home with me, which will be the subject of the next trip post.  In a day or two.  When I’m a bit more caught up on laundry and the mail is sorted.

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