Field Trip, Swans Island
Published On: November 8, 2013

So Wednesday morning’s stop had unexpected yarny goodness.  The afternoon stop though, that had totally expected and planned for yarny goodness.  For you see, Wednesday afternoon we went to Swans Island.

si 1This was another repeat visit (we went there last year too), and one well worth making if you find yourself in Maine.  Swans Island (I swear I’m not leaving out the apostrophe, that’s really how it’s spelled) makes beautiful blankets.  Beautiful, hand-made, heirloom-quality blankets.  Blankets I cannot afford, though I do enjoy waving at them when we stop by.

si 2

si 3Luckily, they also make yarn.  Their yarn is all spun and dyed in Maine with natural dyes.  It is absolutely lovely (all the colors play beautifully together) and ever so much more in my price range.

si 4

si 5Even better, in addition to their regular stock, they also have a sale room.  The yarn in the sale room is their regular bases, just in colors that are a bit off from their usual run.  That might mean dye lots that came out a bit more variegated than usual or new colors they’re experimenting with or any other sort of happy accident.  It inspires just the right sort of ‘must have it all’ urgency that leads to purchases.  It looks like this.  Feel free to drool.

si 6And the pile of goodies I came home with looks like this.

si 7And I’m not sorry at all.  My only complaint (and it is a small one) is that the seconds don’t have tags on them saying what base they are.  So just for my own future edification, I’m mentioning here and now that mine are their worsted weight, 250 yards per skein.  Because I know I will forget and then I’ll wonder what it is and then I’ll swear and the cats find that distasteful.

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