Now With Knitting
Published On: November 9, 2013

What’s that? You want some knitting in your knitting blog?  How unreasonable of you.  I did just show you yarn yesterday.  But I’m nothing if not accommodating, so let’s see what I can do.  Look, a sock!

sock1Now yes, it is just one sock, but maybe if I show you two pictures of it we can pretend it’s a whole pair.  Hmm?

sock2No.  Darn.  Well, I’ll just have to knit the second then.  Yarn is Tanis Fiber Arts (their yellow label, which is a freaking perfect weight for thick socks if you ask me) in the color Olive.  Lovely stuff, highly recommended.  The second sock should be on the needles some time soon (and some rather more unexpected knitting should be showing up on the blog soon too).

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