Field Trip, Yarn Store
Published On: November 20, 2013

Alrighty, last of the trip yarn.  I promised we were just about done, and this should wrap it up.  So, I told you we visited String Theory, and I told you we visited Swans Island.  Those were the two big, intentional yarn stops.  But sometimes it happens that, while you’re going about your business on non-yarn related excursions, you come across a yarn store on the way.  That happened twice.

Gray Yarn from my trip to MaineOnce was Over the Rainbow Yarn in Rockland Maine. (Rockland is also home of Primo, our very favorite restaurant ever.  If you’re ever anywhere near there you simply must go.  We might just have gone three times over the course of the week we were in Maine…)  At Over the Rainbow, I snagged a skein of Bunny Blend, a slightly slubby 40/60 angora merino blend.  I think I see another pair of slippers in my future, and this may well be involved.  Our other yarn store diversion was KnitWit in Portland.   Two skeins of Marie by Dirty Water Dye Works leapt into my arms.  These things happen, it’s best not to fight it.

Pewter Shank Buttons from KnitWitBut somehow, yarn wasn’t all that followed me home from KnitWit.  I may also have indulged in a bit of button acquisition.  Quite a bit, come to think of it.  But really, it’s hard to find large, matching sets of really good buttons, and they’re awfully easy to pack home.  I hardly had a choice in the matter.  And yes, for those of you thinking of last year, I did fall prey to a similar button urge last year too.  Some of the ones from last year are slated to show up on a cape in the very near future.  A red, woolly cape that I’m sure will make a few appearances here once I get it underway.

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