Published On: November 22, 2013

I find myself completely unmotivated.  I have 30 rows and a toe until I’m done with the second sock of the pair.  That’s two good stretches of knitting.  It should be easy as pie.  But I apparently do not want pie.

second sock, mostly doneInstead, all I want to do is swatch.  I’ve got a bundle of yarns for the next book (Yes, the one after KCC3.  Yes, the one that won’t be out till the end of next year at the earliest.  Yes, they really do take that long), and I’ve got a pile of new yarns from the trip, and all I want to do is play.

So I need a nudge.  I just need to make myself knit six rounds a day for the next week (with a bit of fudging for the toe), and the thing will be done.  So for the next week, the rule is that I’m not allowed to play with other knitting until that day’s six rounds are in.  So here’s the plan.  If I don’t come back and report this is done some time Thanksgiving weekend, harass me mercilessly.  Lots of ridicule, ok?  We’re going to add fear in to the motivation tactics and see how that goes.  I’m sure that will work out well.

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