What Price Notes
Published On: January 8, 2014

Remember the slipper?  The slipper from back in October?

slipper 1I found I wanted it to have a mate.  So I grabbed the yarn, felt terribly clever that I’d packed the needles up with the yarn, and started knitting.

Now, I wasn’t quite clever enough to have held on to my notes for these.  But I figured I’d made it once before, I had the first one, I can count, so how hard could it be.  I cast on, did a bit of counting and fiddling, and soon had the first half of a slipper.

_DSC9153But all was not well.  Not well at all.  I kept having the feeling that the sole stitches were just too small.  Now I knew I had the right yarn and needles, I knew my stitch count was right, so I kept on.  I kept thinking things like ‘it will bloom when I soak it’ and ‘I’m sure it will work out.’  Eventually, the feeling of doom was just too much.  I did some investigating.  A closer examination of the first slipper (and a perusal of the previous blog entry) revealed the problem.  I’d held the white yarn double on the first slipper.  I’d very clearly not held the white yarn double here.

Strong language was used.  Rather a lot of it.  I let fly with a constant, fluent, and creative stream of it for the whole time it took me to turn half a slipper into this.

_DSC9157I may possibly be done with this spurt of creative language by the time I knit the first half of the second slipper for the second time, but I wouldn’t bet on it.


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