Published On: January 20, 2014

So the straps were absolutely positively the way to go.  The straps, in fact, quite make the slipper.  Allow me to demonstrate.

slipper strap sideAwfully cute, no?  How about one more, this time from the front.  (Erm, and if this looks suspiciously like two left feet, that’s because it is.  My display feet are all lefties.)

slipper strap frontI’m wondering how I could have ever doubted the inherent wisdom of straps.  They make the slippers stay on perfectly, and they increase the cuteness factor (already alarmingly high) significantly.  Swinging the strap all the way down to the heel was the simplest tweak imaginable, but it made all the difference in the look of the things.  I’m quite taken with them.

Weather and schedule permitting, I may see about enlisting The Boy to take some proper pictures of them soon.  These do not do them justice.

The yarn (Bare Naked Wools’ Breakfast Blend DK on the top, plus Kent DK held double on the sole) is a marvelous match with the pattern.  It’s got that ever-so-slightly-rustic vibe that just suits these perfectly.  I thrashed them around just a bit the first time I washed them, and they bloomed up beautifully.  And having two colors that play so nicely together was an added bonus.  I have a feeling it’s going to be my go-to choice for future variations on this theme.

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