Published On: January 21, 2014

I swear it was supposed to be a swatch.  A quick, simple little swatch to see if I liked the way that stitch and that yarn played together.  Turns out, I do.

deeply textured stitchSo now the swatch is just about to reach cowl length (though admitedly, I like the sort of cowls that are just short scarves held on with a button…feels more efficient than making a giant scarf and just leaving it dangling in the breeze).  And I have plans for a hat to match.  And I may possibly have ordered one more skein from the UK (all I can find, blast it) which cost more or less the same as buying the first three skeins on sale at Webs, so that I will (juuuuuuust maybe) have enough to squeeze out some cuffs too.

So yes, it I do rather like the combo of this stitch and this yarn.  And now I’m off to find a set of buttons (in a perfect world, two large ones and two small) that go with the yarn so I can have a charming little matching set.  I predict I’ll finish it up just about the time it gets too warm to wear them.

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