In which Knitters live up to expectations
Published On: February 17, 2014

Yes, I was gone.  And yes, I have returned.  Normally, on trips like this, I do my very best to either go a bit early or stay a bit late or carve out some time in the middle to go exploring.  Alas, this year, that didn’t happen.  The current spate of snow storms meant flights were a mess, and I couldn’t make it on time.  (As a side note, I was flying United, and they were less than impressive.  Once it became clear snow was going to mess up my travel, I asked if I could take the exact same flights, on which there just happened to be empy seats, one day early.  They said sure, for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars in change fees.  I declined and instead had to go a day late, only to have that whole string of flights delayed for maintenance.  Very frustrating day all around.)  My bad travel luck continued, and the ferry schedule never quite aligned to allow me to get back to the blanket place either.  I’m bummed about this on a variety of levels, not the least of which is that I have very little to share with you guys.

But…but I do at least have some yarn to show you.  Some of the folks attending the retreat had an absolutely lovely idea.  They suggested we each do a bit of stash diving and find the good yarn that we love….but just aren’t going to use.  The idea being that it would be easier to find that yarn good homes if it was going to live with someone who really loved it and could give it a better home.  I filled 1/4 of my suitcase with yarn, and traded it all in for these five skeins.

DSC_9636That’s Mopsy by BMFA in a mystery color, Silk Stainless by Habu in grey, and what I think is Silk Panda Sock by Sweet Georgia.  I say I think that’s what it is, because my tag says banbu sock, but I can’t for the life of me find find any reference to that anywhere, and the silk panda sock has the exact same fiber blend and yardage.  So I’m pretending that’s what it is.

It’s all lovely, and you’ve never seen a more ordered and gracious yarn swap in your life.  We all sort of put out what we had, and then spent a quiet moment looking at it and picking out our favorites.  There was no grabbing or trampling or misbehavior (and there was lot of really good yarn to be had).  Definitly one of those moments that confirm your faith in knitters.

And never fear, there was a bit of knitting that happened that I can show you soon, but I wanted to get something up (and distract you with the pretty) to get you to overlook my shameful absence and shocking lack of good story.  So sorry about that!

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