Published On: February 18, 2014

If I were feeling oppressed by the tyranny of a linear chronology, I would show you some of the things I worked on at the retreat.  But I’m really really not.  I am, instead, feeling incredibly distracted by the shininess of the new.  So I’m showing you the hat I cast on Sunday night.

purple knit hat, side aThat’s one side, and the other side looks like this. purple knit hat, side bI truly have not decided which is the outside and which the inside (and since it is The Boy’s hat, I suppose he gets to make that determination for himself).  So while it’s not reversible in the sense of ‘looks the same on both sides,’ I do think it looks rather nifty on both sides.

The yarn is some I got at the Great Lakes Fiber Festival in 2012.  It’s from Steam Valley Fiber Farm, and The Boy picked it out for the astonishingly purple nature of its purple-ness.  I fear I am not properly emphasizing the eye-searing nature of this purple.  I want to make some sort of totally inappropriate remark about the personal habits of Grimace every time I pick it up, but in the interest of discretion I will leave that as an exercise for the reader.

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