Published On: February 19, 2014

I’m loving this more and more the taller it gets.  This is three days of knitting.  (The rounds are longer than you’d expect.  Those cables are rather big and draw in the knitting a fair bit, meaning you need more stitches than you’d think to wrap comfortably around your head).  I’m absolutely itching to have it done and have already hatched plans for a set of mitts to match.

purple hat gets taller, side a

purple hat gets taller, side bBut I do feel like I need to mention something.  Come here.  Right up close.  This is important.  Listen carefully.  Please do not get in touch with me and express your concern that I’ve picked yarn that is ‘too purple for a guy.’  First, I’m not even sure what that would mean, and there is a grave danger that I’ll ask you to explain why, precisely, you think colors and genders match up in a particular way.  Second, he picked out the yarn.  Third, he’s been watching this hat grow from one day to the next and is well aware of all aspects of it.  So really, please don’t do that.  It will make me awfully cranky.

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