Published On: March 16, 2014

all kcc yarns skinny2Aww, you guys are very kind.  Thank you for all the lovely comments on the anniversary post.  I still can’t quite believe I get to do this for my real live grownup job.

Now that KCC3 is just about to head off to the printer, I find myself wanting to do something fun to commemorate the series being finished.  I have all the little yarn samples I used for the Book Yarn posts (which I will be writing for KCC3 soon, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten) so I got them all out and started playing with them.

There may well have been some shameless rainbow making.  The whole experience was disgustingly bright and colorful, and I’m not one bit sorry.  It was unreasonably entertaining, and it gave me an idea.  Or rather, it gave me lots of ideas, and one of them still seems moderately feasible when viewed in the cold light of day (rather than when viewed through the giddy haze of yarn fumes, which has been known to cloud one’s judgement).

I’m going to pull out somewhere between a dozen and twenty of the yarn samples (picking the ones that make the prettiest rainbow together), then I’m going to find some lovely gray yarn for a background, then I’m going to make a little project.  I’m thinking cowl, though I need to do a bit of measuring and mathing to make sure I’m making good use of the yarns I have.

The finished project should be both lovely (gray, rainbow, cowl, all things I like) and a lovely reminder of this project.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have one more round of reading to do before I can send KCC3 off for its last adventure, and I really want it done!

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