True Love
Published On: March 18, 2014

Barry is a helpful and trustworthy kitten not normally prone to fits of yarn abuse.  After I’d carefully laid out the rainbow of yarns to take the picture I showed you last time, he sauntered over to see if he could be of any assistance.  I informed him I had the situation well under control and graciously sent him on his way.

I looked back a moment later to find he’d stretched himself out next to the rainbow and carefully pulled out his very favorite yarn in the whole world.  Out of the 56 yarns in the pile, he went straight for the Shibui Silk Cloud (delicately moving another yarn out of the way to get to it).

I'll take this oneI don’t know what it is about this yarn that fascinates him (I have other yarns in the same blend that he ignores, and other bases by the same company that he also ignores).  But this one clearly has some magical property that he simply cannot resist.  Whenever I’m working with it, I have to store the project zipped up in a knitting bag and keep the bag on a high shelf, or else he’ll dig it out and have a deeply private moment with it.  I found this out the hard way in the middle of a book project and I’m still not quite over the trauma.

He has excellent taste in yarn.  Clearly I need to use the leftovers from the project to make him a toy.

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