Published On: March 27, 2014

Quiescent: adjective marked by inactivity or rest

slipper front c, smallerThe slipper pattern is out, and you can find it over on ravelry, should you feel the need to make yourself a pair!

Oh, and on the off chance kittens aren’t your thing, I do have the odd pic or two with no kitten.  Let’s see, perhaps this one will show off the knitting without the distracting influence of a Furry Overlord.

slipper front a, smallerOr maybe this one.  I swear that ribbing makes even my (shamefully flat) feet look all curvy and graceful.  Imagine what it will do for your lovely feet!

slipper profile, smallerThese are made with Bare Naked Wools (Confection Worsted for the sole, and Breakfast Blend DK for the upper), and they really are a marvelous fit for the pattern.  The beautiful undyed colors all go perfectly together, so any two colors you pick will look fabulous.  The lovely, sturdy Confection cushions the bottom of the slipper while Breakfast Blend keeps the top of your feet cozy.  I really am awfully taken with the pairing.

slipper tall, smallerAnd I’m going to indulge myself and share one more picture with Douglas.  Because he’s adorable, and because he’s not the type who normally sits still and doesn’t cause trouble.  I figure the moment needs to be well documented (so I remember it the next time he’s being a windmill of destruction and claws).

slipper front b, smallerOnce again, the pattern is over on ravelry, should you happen to need a pair of your own!

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