Published On: July 18, 2014

I have a process.  I have a very specific process.  First I get yarn, then I swatch, then I write up a shockingly structured page of notes, then I type up the pattern.  The swatch and the page of notes and the label are all stapled together (with my nifty staple-free stapler…no actual staples needed, it makes a hole to tie the swatch through, so clever it hurts).  The result looks something like this.

swatches and notesThat is the process.  There is no changing the process.  There is no questioning the process.  It works beautifully.  I have everything I could need in one lovely pile.  It’s easy to keep track of and easy to refer to.  It’s a good system.

Unless, that is, you have a kitten.  A kitten with very bad habits when it comes to yarn (later events made it quite clear that the yarn fiend in question is Barry, but the details of those events will be left to the reader’s imagination).  If you have such a kitten, you may face a nibbling issue.

nibbled swatchIn which case the tail you intentionally left nice and long to tie to your page of notes may get chomped right off.  Now this is clearly not an insurmountable obstacle, and I can think of several solutions.  But it is an excellent reason to glower at Barry and question his decision making skills.  And possibly a reminder to put my notes away on a higher shelf.

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