Not a Sock in Sight
Published On: July 21, 2014

We talked the other day about sock yarns for the book after next, but as usual, the book is more than just socks.  Some of the non-sock yarns have also started to arrive, and they’re delightful.

mannerlyUp at the top there, in all of its lovely pinkness, is Manos Fino in Rosewater.  That’s going to become an absolutely delicious shawl.  Moving clockwise around the circle, the next one is Anzula Oasis in Seaside.  This is also destined for some sort of wrap (it’s a silk/camel blend, and I anticipate greatness).  Then we’ve got Sweet Georgia Trinity Worsted in Silver.  I’m anticipating a hat, but I’m not 100% decided.  And finally, the lovely Phydeaux Creme in Seaglass.  This has actually already leapt onto the needles and is absolutely a hat.

There are more to come (four you’ve not seen, two of which are coming in the mail any minute now).  But this should give you a sense of what I’m up to these days.  I am starting to get the sock itch though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a pair of socks started making appearances some time soon.

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