Published On: August 20, 2014

I do not generally support alarm clocks.  Working from home and for yourself means they are seldom necessary.  But this weekend, I made an exception.  I set an alarm.  And not just any alarm, a 6:30 alarm on a Sunday morning.  That’s borderline barbaric.  But, there was knitting to photograph, a vacant lot in which to do it, and the sun waits for no knitter.

So Alethea, The Boy, and I rolled our sleepy selves into the car along with rather a lot of knitting (and the camera, I was quite proud I managed not to forget the camera, that would have complicated things).  We were headed for one of my favorite vacant lots.  Don’t laugh.  If you ever drive around town with me there’s every chance I will, at some point in the drive, press my face against the glass and go “oooooooooh, pretty” as we zip past a bit of derelict something or the other.  I keep a running list of these spots evaluated by likelihood of being hassled by the police, likelihood of being hassled by someone less civic minded than the police, necessity of protective shoes, suitability for photos, and proximity to good restaurants.  For Sunday’s excursion, this one was the clear winner.

weedy The one thing I forgot was my shawl pins.  Luckily, the lot provided one of those (and The Boy made good use of my pocketknife to make it knitting-suitable).  He’s very handy to have around.

trimThis, by the way, is Alethea.  I made a passing introduction back in March when she joined the Chez Violence Home for Wayward Knitting Props, but it seemed time to formalize things.  I think she does a very very nice job of showing off these pieces, don’t you?

briar rose 1 smallI predict you’ll be seeing a lot more of her in the coming months.  You’ll probably see a bit more of the lot too, as we have plans to return shortly to put into place all the things I learned this past weekend (it was only a practice photo shoot, next time is the real deal).

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