Published On: August 21, 2014

I confessed that a shocking amount of last week was spent at the dining room table – pins in hand, the smell of wet wool filling the air – while I blocked and blocked and blocked some more.  The natural result of this process is a lovely pile of freshly blocked woolies.  But, if your house is anything like mine, it doesn’t present a huge number of large, flat, cat-free spaces in which to store great swaths of knitting.  At the same time, I very much did not want to fold these bits up until they were safely photographed.  So I pressed Miss Blossom into service.

Shawls wrapped around a dress form for storageI just wrapped her in layer after layer of knitting and stabbed a tiny straight needle in to hold it all in place.  It worked surprisingly well.  She’s quite stoic, never complaining about temperature swings, and the knitting is staying nicely uncrumpled while I wait for this weekend’s photo extravaganza.  I knew she’d come in handy.

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