Wrap up
Published On: September 18, 2014

So, the pillow is approaching its end, and I find myself with a question.

I began with Judy’s Magic Cast On, which let me get all my stitches on the needles and ready to start knitting in a nice, tidy, seamless fashion.  If I were working with a sturdier wool (ie, not pencil roving), I would just kitchner the sides together when I was ready to bind off.  But, kitchner (where you have to drag your working yarn through each stitch two times) is too taxing for this pencil roving.  It won’t take the stress of all that tugging.

So, I want something that makes as seamless a join as possible, but is worked without having to break the yarn, thread a darning needle, and drag the yarn through the individual stitches.  My first thought was three needle bind off, but that’s only really moderately seamless if you work it from the wrong side.  And, for a host of reasons, most having to do with pillowforms and stubbornness, I need to work this one from the right side.

So you guys are way smarter than me.  What are your favorite ways to join two bits of fabric, from the right side, as seamlessly as possible, without having to drag a tail through stitch after stitch after stitch?

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