Bare Naked Wools Grand Opening
Published On: September 21, 2014

You know how my normal tendency is to hide at home?  Safely tucked away, snuggly in my pajamas, with a cup of tea at the ready?  Well, the delightful Anne Hanson, mastermind behind Knit Spot and Bare Naked Wools is one of the very few folks who can tempt me out of my hermit’s cave.  She’s opening her very own yarn store (be still, my beating heart) and she’s having a grand opening.  I’m going!

Grandopening_InstagramI’m bringing piles of samples, signing books, and just generally hanging out and talking yarn.  If you’re free on either the evening of the 26th or the morning of the 27th, I’d be thrilled if you stopped by to say hi.  Anne’s yarn is delightful, and seeing so much of it in one place at one time will be a treat.  And you can all remind me that leaving the house from time to time and going to see real people in the real world is a good for me.  Or at the very least, a character building experience.

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