Published On: October 8, 2014

The blue thing has grown (erm, it’s all lowering clouds and sunset glow here, hence this seeming to be a rather enthusiastically different color than in the last picture…I don’t love you all enough to fiddle with the color on a blog picture, sorry).

DSC_2257This is tremendously uncharacteristic knitting for me.  I don’t usually do blue (turquoise yes, blue-y blue like this, no).  I don’t usually knit flat.  I don’t usually knit on big needles.  I don’t usually knit wraps.  But this simply needed to be done.  It’s cold outside.  This is warm.  The world at large seems exceptionally abrasive just lately.  This is soft.   I’m in the middle of about 8 hard work things.  This is easy.

I should finish this off the next time I sit down to knit.  Then will come a vigorous bit of blocking (like all lacy things, it looks like a pile of mess right now) and then perhaps a of a picture.  I’m looking forward to it.

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