Published On: October 6, 2014

This weekend, for the first time this season, it was well and properly cold.  Not cool.  Not brisk.  Not chilly.  Cold.  As in, the temperature in the house was markedly lower than where we keep the heat set in the winter.  Of course be haven’t turned the heat on yet (I’m pretty sure we had the AC on a week or so ago, and I firmly believe there should be a significant period between last use of AC and first use of heat).

So, like any reasonably well prepared knitter, I reached for the woolies.  I put on my slippers.  When that didn’t quite do it, I grabbed a cowl.  That more or less took care of it, but I was still a bit chilly.  So I did that somewhat perplexing thing we knitters so often do when we’re cold…I grabbed some yarn and some needles and started knitting.

DSC_2255Now, the reasonable part of my brain knows that this isn’t the most efficient way to get warm.  But somehow I was unable to resist.  The good news is that it’s fat yarn (carousel by knitcircus, now sadly discontinued) and fat needles (size 13, I swear it’s like knitting with ski poles) and so should be done fairly quickly. The bad news is that it’s supposed to warm up by the end of the week.  We’ll see if the motivation holds out.

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