Published On: November 3, 2014

What I want to do is tell you all about our trip and the lovely things we did while we were gone.  What I should do is tell you all about the new book that’s going up for preorder on Friday.  So let’s strike a compromise.  I’ll share three pictures from the trip (because three pictures of someone else’s vacation is all anyone should be asked to tolerate), and then we’ll talk about the book tomorrow.  Sound fair?

We spent an unreasonable amount of time watching the sky do this.

sunsetWe spent even more time climbing all over these rocks (the ones at the front were right by where we were staying, and we clambered allllllll the way down to the farthest trees).

rocksAnd we collected great heaping piles of treasures.  They have me pondering an art project in the style of Jonathan Fuller.  We’ll see if that comes to fruition, and if it does, I promise you’ll hear all about it.

sea glassSo there, that’s a reasonable amount of vacation to share and hopefully not bore you to tears.  And next up will be helpful info about the book and its upcoming release (hint, there are goody bags for the first folks who buy it).

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