Chlorochrous & Shibui
Published On: November 24, 2014
I’m using the Curls preorder to introduce the patterns and yarns from the book. I’ll be featuring a new pair each day. Most of the yarn companies have donated lovely prizes, so come back every day to see what’s new!
 Chlorochrous in Staccato by Shibui 

14 shibui smallThere are days (I decline to say how many), when I need just a little extra help to get through the day — some sort of extra armor to keep me safe from the world (or just possibly to keep the world safe from me).  It has not escaped my notice that you can wear Curls as something rather closely resembling a superhero cape.  A stylish, modern superhero cape of course, but a superhero cape none the less.  Now of course you may not need a superhero cape, and if that’s the case, you can wear yours in a host of other ways.  But on the off chance you occasionally need a bit of extra armor too, I wanted to be sure you knew.

And I can totally see Shibui yarns having super powers.  The two used here are Staccato (that’s the main yarn) and Silk Cloud (that’s the accent yarn, held when you work the rows with the lovely floats.  Shibui does an amazing job of having interesting bases, dyed in the exact same colors, that play beautifully together.  It leads to all sorts of possible combinations.  Every time I see their yarns I have a whole host of new ideas.  I love how these two played together here!

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