Going Postal (the old-fashioned way)
Published On: November 25, 2014

Hey stranger, I missed you!  Writing about all the book projects (and reading all your lovely comments) has been great fun, but I’ve missed just chatting with you.  I like telling you guys what’s going on around here.

Though to be frank, what’s been going on so far this week is probably less than fascinating blog fodder.  I’ve been putting books in envelopes.  I’ve been putting lots of books in envelopes and then putting them out for the postman.  That’s pretty much all I’ve been doing.  The first batch went out Saturday (I figured no one would mind if they came a bit early), another went out Monday, and another today.  More will go out tomorrow.  The front porch looks like this.

DSC_2724Now I am going to take Thanksgiving through the weekend off (we will, of course, be having the traditional Thanksgiving Pizza).  The mail won’t move on Thanksgiving anyways, and I need a few days without packing labels and envelope adhesive to maintain my sanity.  But things will pick back up next week and the shipping parade will continue.  I’ll keep you all updated as it goes forward, but my general plan is to put out a few hundred books a day, so we should be through them pretty quickly.
I want to see them on your needles almost as badly as you do!

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