Rescue Mission
Published On: December 27, 2014

While I did not buy any yarn at Rhinebeck, I did get myself two little treats.  One was the blanket I told you about back in October (and which I continue to adore).  The other was a purse from Julia Hilbrandt.  I love it, it is just the right size and totally my style.  It’s gotten tons of compliments, and it goes with more or less everything I own.  It’s perfect, and it’s driving me mad.

The bag is made of industrial felt with leather handles.  After about a two weeks of carrying it, it started to get a few pills.  After about two months of carrying it, it’s so pilly I’m just about ready to throw it out.  I’m really rather disappointed.  I expect my purses, especially ones in that price range, to last more than two months.

So before I have to say goodbye (which I really really don’t want to do…it’s an awesome bag…except for the blasted pills), I thought I’d try some sort of de-pilling device.  But I’ve never used one, so before I go and buy one, I thought I’d see if you guys had any suggestions.

I’m currently considering the Gleener, the Lilly Brush (I don’t know if the felt is all wool or has some man-made fibers, and this one says only for natural fibers), or the Sweater Stone.  But I’m totally open to suggestions if you have a favorite.  Have any of you ever rescued a bag (or a sweater, or a blanket, or any other bit of wooly goodness) from the dreaded fuzzballs?  Any word of wisdom (or maybe some stories of triumph…I really want this to work)?  Or am I just getting my hopes up when this is really doomed to failure?

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