One Sock Two Sock
Published On: December 30, 2014

So, that’s two finished socks.  Alas (and I didn’t realize this till I took them both outside in the daylight), they seem to be two slightly different colored finished socks.

DSC_0061I’m going to try very hard to tell myself I don’t care (I mean really, if I didn’t notice while I was knitting, it’s not likely to be a big deal).  Failing that, I’m going to try very hard to tell myself that The Boy (the intended recipient of said socks) doesn’t care.  Next up on my denial plan is washing them a few times to see if the difference lessens.  The final tactic is a bit of a tea or coffee soak to sort of nudge them to the same place.  We’ll see which approach works best…

Other than the tiny color variation I adore them.  They’re super thick and cozy (the yarn is Squoosy Aran by Skeinny Dipping).  And the wee cable squiggles were just enough distraction to not go mad in the middle of giant boy socks.  The pattern is out with testers now, and I suspect it will come out some time late this winter.

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