Published On: March 6, 2015

Those of you who have not had the distinct pleasure of living with me may not know one of my dirty little secrets.  I am a stress cleaner.  If I am feeling frazzled, I tidy things.  And, conversely, if things are untidy, I feel frazzled.

So yesterday, when I went to put something in my office closet and took full account of the mess in there, I sort of snapped.  I decided that I simply had to take an hour or two out of the day and purge the stash.  It was a fairly brutal purge if I’m being honest.  (Yes, yes I did throw away yarn…it’s ok to throw away yarn if that’s what you need to do to bring order to your world.  Same holds true for other stuff cluttering up your life, too.  You’re not obligated to re-home it, you’re allowed to just ditch it if that’s what you need to do.)

And when I was done, this is what was left.

DSC_0650That’s my personal stash.

Now, before you panic, there are a few caveats.  Book yarn (meaning yarn for books in various stages of production) lives somewhere else.  It takes up about one of those smaller bins worth of space.  I’ve also got another small bin worth of leftovers.  And I’ve got one more small bin of prize yarn (meaning yarn to be used as prizes for various knitalongs and upcoming giveaways).

But as far as my ‘hmmm, I feel like making a project, let me consult the stash’ yarn, that’s it.

The alarmingly attentive among you may notice that the front bin is made up entirely of String Theory and Quince yarns (I swear I could knit with nothing but those two for 90% of my knitting and be perfectly happy).  It seemed the best way to divide the yarn, given that those two account for more than a third of my stash.

So now it’s your turn to fess up.  How big is your stash?  Is mine excessive?  Or must I hang my head in shame until I can get a real stash?  And how do you like to sort it?  I considered ‘gray’ and ‘not gray’ but this seemed better in the end.

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