Published On: March 9, 2015

So, the stash toss had a variety of benefits.  First and foremost, it satisfied my ‘I am being overwhelmed by all my things and must throw them all away to reclaim any semblance of sanity’ urge (this urge falls upon me with alarming frequency).  Second, it made a whole lot of extra room in my closet.  And third, it allowed for some serious advance planning.

You know I’ve been bringing early patterns back out (Cataphyll and Louche are recent sock returns, and Plicate and Colophon are some of the returning accessories)?  Well I really want to get pretty much all of them reworked and re-released.  And one of the things I realized as I went through the stash was that I had a lot of eminently suitable yarn for just that project.  So I did a bit of plotting, and a bit of asking, and devised a plan.

DSC_0651Left to right that’s String Theory, Schaefer, Solstice, Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Vice, Skein, and more Vice.  Each and every one of them is about to go off to a valiant, talented, and alarmingly attractive sample knitter who will turn them into yummy projects (it’s looking like Sybaritic, Scatterling, Graupel, Arkadiko, Carom, Calcareous, and Gramercy, for those of you looking for specific patterns to make a triumphant return).  Then they’ll come back to me for a photo shoot, and then go back to live happily ever after with their sample knitters.

I am ridiculously excited about this prospect.  I’ve been itching to get patterns back out in the world, and this is the way to do it.  And, there just might be more stash skeins paired up with each of these to use for prizes when the patterns come out, so I have a suspicion at least some of you are going to like this plan too!

So, if it were up to you, which one would come back out first?  Either which yarn calls to you or which old pattern are you waiting for me to hurry up and put back out?  I sort of want them all done and out tomorrow, but that poses some practical challenges.  But I promise I’ll do my best!

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