Rescue…part two
Published On: March 19, 2015

Back in December I explained that the the marvelous purse I treated myself to at Rhinebeck had fallen prey to an evil swarm of hideous pills.  I was considering several de-fuzzing options and wanted you guys to weigh in on the choices out there.  I eventually went with the gleener.

It came, it defuzzed, all was well.  The purse was saved — for about a two months.  Then the fuzzies came back.  I think it’s just a problem with the material the purse is made out of.  It appears to need a brisk combing every two months to stay looking good.  That’s disappointing, but the bag is so ridiculously cute I’ll deal.

DSC_0700Meanwhile, the gleener has proved awfully handy to have around the house.  I was feeling the need to do something nominally productive but not terribly challenging (and putting away laundry was just not going to happen), so I decided to tackle a rather fuzzy wool blanket.  That seemed like it called for the coarsest head (it comes with three in various levels of roughness for different fabrics).  About three swipes into the process, the head sort of came apart.  There was much swearing.

I got in touch with Gleener, and they were awesome.  They agreed it really shouldn’t do that and sent a replacement head out right away.  The replacement came a few days later, it’s working great, and I expect the blanket will soon be free of wayward fluffy bits.

So, the verdict is a strong thumbs up for the Gleener.  It works, and the company was super helpful when I had a problem.  The purse is a bit more problematic.  It seems to require ongoing care, which is a pain, but it’s so pretty it may just be worth the special treatment.

Now, someone reassure me I’m not the only one to find the giant pile of fluff ripped off the purse oddly satisfying.  Because holy wow am I unreasonably amused by that.

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