Stanch the Bleeding
Published On: March 20, 2015

When last we left the pillow, it was in a rather precarious state, feathers open to the world, at the mercy of any of the Kitten Overlords.  I want this pillow to be an elongated tetrahedron (think a 4 sided die, stretched).  So basically I needed to close the open side up perpendicular to the original seam.

It quickly became apparent that this would be an iterative process.  First stanch the bleeding by whatever means necessary  (the feathers wanted to escape everywhere).  In this case, binder clips.

DSC_0684The next step was to get a seam – any seam – in there just to hold the explosion at bay.  Tidy was not the goal, keeping the feathers in was the goal.  Then I shook the feathers down as much as possible, folded my messy seam over into a slightly tidier bundle, and stitched it down again.  It looks like 8 shades of hell, but it will be forever trapped inside a pillow and never seen by anyone but me (and, well, I guess now also you, but you won’t tell).  I decided functional and finished was more important than perfect and never ever ever done.

DSC_0688So that’s the goal for the shape, now what about the cover.  I thought it was long enough, but alas no.

DSC_0685I had wanted the light part to be about half as long as the dark part.  If I keep going in the light, they’ll be close to the same size, and that won’t be what I was going for.  So I’m going to throw in one skinny dark stripe, then knit the rest of the length I need with the lightest shade.  I’m particular about stripes, but I think this will end up being just perfect.

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